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Marie-Clunie Damus Art was born and nurtured by a myriad of creative artists she was exposed to very early in life, including her father Gabriel, a local sculptor in the West Indian island of Haiti.  

A Self-taught artist, Clunie found solace in her young life from the brutal social injustice around her in dance, poetry and painting.  After the death of her father, her mother Marie moved the  family to Brooklyn, New York.

Her style; a marriage of expressionism and modern surrealism is a subtle reflection of her lifework for women rights,human dignity, and her fascination with what she describes as “Darkness light, and all the colors in between”.  

A student of the famous Painter Franketiene, she credited her old professor for fostering an atmosphere that allowed a sort of creative intellectualism to shape and later find her own mold in life.

These days, you can find Clunie’s art pieces in private collections all over the world. She spend most of her time between creating colorful artworks in her studio in Columbus, Ohio, and her popular online radio station Star107fm.com .

 After decades of creating beautiful paintings,Clunie Damus continues to amaze and share her spectacular art with all of us

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